Outdoor Clocks

Most of our Slave Clocks can be delivered with the following movements.

  • NEW: LAN, (Ethernet), driven slave clocks.
  • NEW: Intelligent, self synchronizing, very fast forward movement, 1 minute step. This new Time Control system are intelligent self synchronizing Slave Clocks. The clocks are driven by the serial TC time signal from the Master Clock. The clocks will automatically adjust to the correct time.
  • Forward/backward, 30 second step.
  • Forward movement, 1 minute step.

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Slave Clock

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Various Slave clocks Outdoor clocks Digital clocks Decorative clocks
1610xx LED IP 65 Digital slave clock Decorative clocks
1700xx Single/Double Face Digital LUMEX Decorative 300 mm
Flush mounting Galley Digital panel clock
LED – Illumination